Invoice Processing With Imixs AI

Imixs-Office-Workflow, equipped with the Imixs AI module, offers a modern AI solution for automatic document recognition and invoice processing. Incoming invoices can be captured more quickly and distributed within the company using integrated text recognition and the AI module.

The Imixs AI is based on a self-learning algorithm that continuously optimizes itself. This process works in the background, allowing users to fully focus on invoice processing and verification without the need to manually capture so-called “training data” to teach the AI.

The emphasis in Imixs-Office-Workflow is thus on the review and approval workflow within the company. This workflow can be customized to meet the specific requirements of the company. The AI actively supports the review and approval of invoice data. As a result, accounting processes are optimized and accelerated, providing transparency for all parties involved. At the end of the workflow, the invoice data is securely archived for audit purposes.

Self-Learning AI

The Imixs AI system distinguishes itself from conventional cloud-based solutions by exclusively utilizing in-house algorithms. This is made possible through a self-learning AI system. With each newly captured invoice, the AI learns and improves its own AI model. As a result, company data does not need to be transferred to a public cloud and remains within the company. The ‘learning’ of new invoice documents occurs after a few captured documents and continues to improve with an increasing volume of documents. Simultaneously, additional algorithms can be implemented to recognize additional invoice data, such as invoice positions, more accurate. Such data can be used to be exchanged with other connected IT systems.

Find out more about Imixs-ML on Github.

We Support You in Digitizing Your Processes

With our individual service subscription, we are happy to assist you in digitizing your invoice processing workflow. We leverage a variety of pre-built process models to ensure a swift implementation.

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Digital Transformation With Business Process Management

Digitization has become the central factor in the competitiveness of companies. Digitization refers to the processing of documents and information with the help of IT. However, the digital transformation goes one step further. Documents are not only digitized, but the underlying workflows are optimized, accelerated and new processes are created. This leads to a new sustainable improvement in the competitiveness of the entire organization.

In its latest version, Imixs Office Workflow offers the right tools to organize this digital transformation within an organization. In the following this will be demonstrated using a concrete example – the internal purchasing.

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Business Process Management and OCR

The latest version of Imixs-Office-Workflow provides an improved OCR integration and supports now much more document formats.

In the new version Imixs-Office-Wokflow automatically detects and extracts metadata and text from all common file types (such as Word, PPT, XLS, JPG and PDF). All of these file types are parsed through an integrated microservice, making the data useful for fulltext search, content analysis, translation, and machine learning.

Even a snapshot taken with your smartphone from an invoice or a contract document can now be transferred to the Imixs workflow system in seconds. This makes the digitization of business processes even faster and easier.

With the integrated Workflow Management Suite Imixs-Office-Workflow your team can collaborate fast, clear and in a structured way.

Archive Business Process Data with Apache Cassandra

With the latest version of the Business Process Management Solution Imixs Office Workflow, the Imixs Software Solutions GmbH presents a new archive solution that can be used to securely digitize large volumes of data over long periods of time. The technology is based on the open source database platform Apache Cassandra. Apache Cassandra is a big data platform designed for scalability and high availability without compromising performance. Proven fault tolerance makes it the perfect platform for mission-critical data. Apache Cassandra is used by major well-known digital companies such as eBay, GitHub, Instagram or Netflix. But also organizations like CERN use this high-performance and fault-tolerant technology to manage their data.

By integrating this storage technology into Imixs BPM Solution, business data can be stored in a long-term archive. At the same time, the solution enables companies to analyze their business data in real-time. This opens up new possibilities for combining digitization with individual business goals. Both, the Imixs BPM Solution and the Big Data Platform Cassandra are Open Source and free of license fees. The solution can be used on standard hardware in-house as also on cloud infrastructures.

Digitizing Business Data

Imixs-Office-Workflow offers a brand new concept how business data is digitized. Unlike standard archive solutions, documents are not only stored, but automatically linked to the underlying business processes during digitization. As a result, digitization directly triggers a value creation process in the company. This not only creates better information, but at the same time improves working processes in a sustainable way. Competitive advantages result from lower costs, shorter reaction times and higher process quality.

Using a model-driven approach, Imixs-Office-Workflow enables a wide variety of business processes to be implemented in a short time. Even complex business processes can be represented by individual business rules according to individual compliance guidelines. This is possible by adapting the BPMN 2.0 standard, which allows the graphic modeling of business processes.

Typical business processes that can be implemented with Imixs-Office-Workflow include Procurement Management, Controlling- and Quality Processes, as also business processes in Human Resources or Production Operations. The Imixs Software Solutions GmbH offers direct support for the successful digitization of business processes in small and medium-sized companies. In addition the Imixs GmbH also develops solutions for large companies such as BMW.

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We Launched Version 3.5.0!

These days we launched the newest Version 3.5.0 of Imixs-Office-Workflow. The new version includes a lot of new Features and Functions that makes it easier to introduce business process management across your company.

Java EE7 Support

The Open Source platform now supports Java Enterprise Java EE7. This makes it easy to integrate it into existing IT infrastructure. The excellent support of Rest Services also allows the development of a modern service-oriented infrastructure.


Imixs-Office-Workflow supports Docker and provides the latest Image to run the BPM platform on a modern containerized infrastructure. The docker image is based on the Red Hat Wildfly Application Server which is perfect for development as also for production.

Custom Forms

We already introduced the new Custom Forms in our last blog. With custom forms you can define forms at run-time within the Imixs BPMN modeler. This is a great feature to setup new workflows faster and gives you more flexibility in optimizing your business processes.

Dynamic Forms with Imixs-Office-Workflow

With the latest version of Imixs-Office-Workflow, it is now possible to create forms completely model-based. No programming knowledge in HTML or Java Script is required anymore.

With the new form component forms can be created at runtime. The definition of the form is done within the Imixs BPMN modeler. For activation, the so-called custom-form is used. This new form component can be assigned to any task within a business process.

The form description of a custom form supports all common input formats of Imixs-Office-Workflow. These include:

  • Text Input
  • Numbers and Currency
  • Description
  • HTML and RichText

The structure of a form can be divided into different layout sections:

Also the definition of headings and mandatory fields is supported. The definition of a custom form is defined via a simple XML format which is based on the standard form layout:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
    <item name="_descripton" type="textarea"
        label="Short Description" />
    <item name="_details" type="html" label="Description" />

With this new feature, Imixs-Office-Workflow now supports a fully model-based business process creation. This allows business processes to be implemented more flexible and even faster.

Generate and Export SEPA Files

The Imixs-Workflow project supports a new feature to generate SEPA files. The Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) is a payment-integration initiative of the European Union for simplification of bank transfers denominated in euro. The new adapter project Imixs-SEPA-Adapter simplifies the SEPA integration in any kind of invoicing or controlling workflow. The project provides a scheduler service to generate SEPA files on a daily basis. For example this module can be used to export the results of an invoice approval process into a SEPA file which can be used in any payment software.
Free and Flexible Adaptability

The Imixs-SEPA-Adapter is based on BPMN 2.0 and the Imixs-Report functionality to allows a free adaptability of the SEPA export to any custom workflow project. This adaptability is important because invoicing workflows differ from company to company. The adapter integrates seamlessly into Imixs-Office-Worklow.

The SEPA file generated by the adapter can be distributed into the task list of the companies finance team or sent via E-Mail notifications. For security reasons the distribution via the task list is recommended as this fully utilize the strict access concepts of Imixs-Workflow.

Detailed information about the adapter project can be found on Github. The project is in continuous development and contributions from the community are welcome at any time.

GDPR compliant Business Processes Management

The latest version of Imixs-Office-Workflow makes it easy to design GDPR complient business processes.

The new version of the Imixs-Office-Workflow now has a standard plugin to map the right to be forgotten directly within a business process. In the digitization of business processes, personal data can now be selectively deleted or anonymized according to Art. 17 of the GDPR without the process information itself being lost. On the one hand, this increases legal compliance in the digitization of business processes, and on the other hand, this modern solution allows companies to optimize their processes on a sustainable basis.

Unlike many standard solutions, that only can delete records completely, Imixs-Office-Workflow intentionally anonymizes individual data fields within a business process. The contents of the data fields can either be anonymized or completely removed. Data that is not personal are retained:

With this solution, even long-running business processes are modeled compliant to the GDPR. The deletion of personal data pursuant to Art. 17 GDPR is recorded in accordance with the law and documented on the basis of BPMN 2.0. Business processes can thus continue to be managed in the system and business processes can be optimized over the long term.

Online Shop With Order Workflow

LUPI Solartechnik GmbH now uses Imixs-Office-Workflow for internal order management. Together with Imixs Software Solutions GmbH, a platform has been developed which connects the online shop with Imixs-Office-Worklow. With this solution orders can now be processed faster and even dynamic product recommendations can be calculated individually. Lupi Solartechnik GmbH uses the latest version of Imixs Technology to map complex business rules in a company-specific workflow.

LUPI Solartechnik GmbH is a modern medium-sized industrial company specializing in the development and production of high-quality heat exchange systems. The products have a wide range of applications, both for private use and in industry. LUPI heat exchangers are used in heating systems for single and multi-family homes, as well as for the heating of swimming pools.

Through the use of the modern workflow management solution Imixs-Office-Workflow, a wide variety of application cases in order processing and production are now handled better and faster.