Invoice Processing With Imixs AI

Imixs-Office-Workflow, equipped with the Imixs AI module, offers a modern AI solution for automatic document recognition and invoice processing. Incoming invoices can be captured more quickly and distributed within the company using integrated text recognition and the AI module.

The Imixs AI is based on a self-learning algorithm that continuously optimizes itself. This process works in the background, allowing users to fully focus on invoice processing and verification without the need to manually capture so-called “training data” to teach the AI.

The emphasis in Imixs-Office-Workflow is thus on the review and approval workflow within the company. This workflow can be customized to meet the specific requirements of the company. The AI actively supports the review and approval of invoice data. As a result, accounting processes are optimized and accelerated, providing transparency for all parties involved. At the end of the workflow, the invoice data is securely archived for audit purposes.

Self-Learning AI

The Imixs AI system distinguishes itself from conventional cloud-based solutions by exclusively utilizing in-house algorithms. This is made possible through a self-learning AI system. With each newly captured invoice, the AI learns and improves its own AI model. As a result, company data does not need to be transferred to a public cloud and remains within the company. The ‘learning’ of new invoice documents occurs after a few captured documents and continues to improve with an increasing volume of documents. Simultaneously, additional algorithms can be implemented to recognize additional invoice data, such as invoice positions, more accurate. Such data can be used to be exchanged with other connected IT systems.

Find out more about Imixs-ML on Github.

We Support You in Digitizing Your Processes

With our individual service subscription, we are happy to assist you in digitizing your invoice processing workflow. We leverage a variety of pre-built process models to ensure a swift implementation.

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