Open Source

Imixs-Office-Workflow is an open source technology. This means that there is no licensing costs. You can share your ideas and discuss with an open community. Furthermore Imixs-Office-Workflow is based on an open, modern and scalable architecture. This makes it easy to run Imixs-Office-Workflow also on different platforms.

Run With Docker and Kubernetes

Imixs-Office-Workflow is build on Docker. With this technology you can start within minutes. Just install the Docker-Compose file and run:

$ docker-compose up

Of course we also support production ready Kubernetes deployment setups.

Find more information on the Project Site of Imixs-Office-Workfow as also on Github.

Open API

Imixs-Office-Workflow provides an open and powerful Rest API. This allows to easily integrate existing IT Systems or connect your Business Processes to all types of applications. The Rest API supports all standard formats such as JSON, XML, HTML as also custom formats. And at the same time, this interface offers you a high level of security to protect your business data.